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About us:

Our Journey:
Functional Athletics was founded in 2019 by a Biomedical Sciences Student. What inspired him was what he believed to be the lack of correlation between the products which were being heavily promoted within the industry did not align with what he believed to be a important by his own ideals, based upon his academic background and his years of training. 
Liam believed that whilst workouts could be optimised by some accessories, that many were over priced or served little to no purpose. He believed that there was a lack of emphasis on recovery which was the foundation for performance and progress within the gym. 
Furthermore Liam believed that both frequency and the longevity with which people maintain an athletic lifestyle was paramount. He believed many start new fitness habits every week but extremely few keep it up. This was partially largely due to people not being able to make the habit stick and people stopping as there lifestyles took over. Therefore Liam started Functional Athletics which aimed to help people integrate fitness into a busy lifestyle and maximise recovery and therefore a fitness lifestyle longevity. He believes that the length of time that you can stay in a fitness lifestyle is significantly more important than having more optimum workouts for a short duration whilst motivation lasts. 
"For a long time now I have believed that there is a lack of investment within this industry to recovery, and longevity. Im glad that I can finally make an impact on this industry in the way that see fit"
"Hopefully we can bring quality products and information in order to help make a positive impact on those around the world"
Liam, Founder