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Recovery Gun
Recovery Gun
Recovery Gun
Recovery Gun
Recovery Gun

Recovery Gun

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Recovery is a vital part of the process of fitness and physical improvement. In order to optimise performance it is vital for recovery to be optimised (this was optimised by the team sky and there 1% rule). 

The Recovery Gun sends vibrating pulses onto the surface of the skin and vibrates through the muscle. They have recently become popular amongst top athletes and are now becoming available to the humble gym goer. 

Recovery: A study within the Journal of Clinical&Diagnostic Research found that vibration therapy is effective at reducing delayed onset muscle soreness in the same way a massage can. This method has been shown to be more effective than other static methods such as foam rolling it is also able to decrease levels of lactic acid, as well as targeting areas of tightness. 


  • Start Slow: We recommend that everyone starts on the slowest setting, and as their body becomes adjusted to it, increase the level as an individual feels comfortable
  • Keep off the Bone: Although applying to the bone is unlikely to cause damage, it will almost certainly not be beneficial and can potentially be painful. We recommend you start with large muscle groups such as quads and lats at first.
  • Keep it Moving: It has been found that the best 
  • Dont Over Do It:

Specifications: The recovery gun has 3 different paced settings (level 1- 1800r/min, level 2- 2400r/min, level 3- 3200 r/min). The Recovery Gun has a lithium-ion battery which is 24V DC and has a running time of approximately 2 hours. 

Package Includes: This package includes the Recovery Gun, 4 different massage heads, a lithium-ion battery and a power charger.